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Sharon Wanjiru Rice


Sharon Wanjiru Rice


Sharon was studying Business management, majoring in Accounting and a minor in Math at Kennesaw University in Georgia at the time of her demise on December 6th, 2016.

Sharon Wanjiru Rice is missed but her spirit lives on in us.

Sharon Wanjiru Rice was the co-founder of Kijo4 Group LLC, an amazing dynamic young woman full of integrity, hard work and a brilliant mind to behold. Kijo4 Group LLC would not have started if it were not the push and encouragement from Sharon (Shiru) as we called her. Sharon was a Sophomore in High school when the idea came to her for us to register a company, so that when she graduated from High School, she would find something to do as she maneuvered college life.

When we registered the company, Sharon was excited to be part of a family enterprise. She suggested the name Kijo4 Group since they were four siblings. All through her life, Sharon was the driving force to what Kijo4 Group LLC is all about today. Many hours we sat, dreamt, planned, and executed decisions in relation to the goals of where we wanted the company to go to in years to come. Sharon’s discipline, foresight and work ethics kept the company going. Many times, she paid the company dues from her own money so that even the years it was not fruitful it would still be afloat to bear fruit.