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Dr Caroline Njoki


Dr Caroline Njoki

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rev. Caroline Njoki is the Chief Executive Officer at KIJO4 Group, a family-owned certified tax preparation company that has excellently served its clients in the USA, Asia, Europe, Islands, and parts of Africa for more than two decades. She has a strong passion for taxation, and she enjoys helping people understand tax laws. She came to serve in the industry by default, having done accounting in her birth nation of Kenya. In her second year of living in the USA, she was audited for not filing her taxes.. She became intrigued about tax filing and because of her background in accounting and business, she understood the math. From there she decided to undertake online tax preparation classes as she settled in the USA to know more and venture into that business.

Through the encouragement of her daughters Michelle and Sharon, they came together as a family to start Kijo4 Group. Her warm personality draws her to clients from every walk of her life. Dr. Njoki combines her vast experiences in business consulting, tax preparation, business coaching, and mentorship to simplify business practices to independent contractors, entrepreneurs, small, and mid, businesses and organizations to help them scale towards growth and success. This excellence earned KIJO4 Group the 2023 Comcast Rise Award, for its efforts to serve its clients and small businesses. Growing up with parents in business, Dr Njoki combines decades of experience in business, tax preparation and a recent certification as a Business Consulting Coach. Dr. Njoki has broadened her services and is  also CEO  of Hope Consulting and Coaching Services to coach small businesses and help them navigate through the complexities of starting and maintaining successful businesses. “Hope and Excellence is what I bring to your table,” says Dr. Njoki, a single mother of 4 and a grandmother who in 2004 established and has successfully run and grown her own business as an immigrant in a new nation.

Dr Njoki is an author and loves to talk about money through money empowering videos: about money habits, money mindset and human relationship with money. When she is not working on her business, Dr. Njoki enjoys podcasting, where she shares inspirational words about personal and spiritual development, spending time with her children, grandchildren or serving her community as a spiritual leader and philanthropist known for her remarkable community mobilization and problem-solving skills.

Dr Njoki is a mentor and mentors people and also mentors The Deborah’s a dynamic group of women in the USA and in Kenya where she encourages them to grow in faith and career, as they give back to the orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya.

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