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Maryann Hope Ndirangu

Maryann Hope Ndirangu

Chief Financial Officer

Maryann has grown up hearing about taxes since she was a child. In her teens she became intrigued about learning tax preparation. Being an independent thinker and extremely focused, the job of Chief Financial Officer fell in her laps after the death of her sister Sharon. It took her a few years to accept it, but since then she has made decisions that have propelled the company’s growth.

As the only member of the family born here, she brings in fresh look to every decision that must be met in the company. Maryann alias “Hope” has a mantra “Don’t let my age fool you, I am wiser than you think”.  She is an artist and highly creative young woman. She plays the violin like a maestro, can paint and draw. She is a singer and songwriter as well.

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